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Teacher/Counselor Conferences

MEMCA Annual Winter Technical Assistance Conference

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  • Higher Education Liaison EMC Network

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Student Conferences

MEMCA Annual Student Leadership Conferences

Fan Cheering

The 2022 MEMCA Student Leadership Conference was held on November 11th at the Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village in Flint, MI. Cohosted by Genesee Early College and Mott Middle College, Students from 12 middle/early colleges from across the state gathered to explore this year's theme which is "Not returning to Normal: How to Move Our Communities forward Post-COVID." Students rotated through breakout sessions where local presenters shared their expertise on urban gardening, intersectional awareness and solidarity, sustainability, the role of music in society, and the importance of art. Students crafted lines and spit their bars to create a musical track, and all students collaborated to create a mural in the halls of SBEV. Now students at each participating school across Michigan are contemplating the kinds of projects they would like to create within their communities and will present about their experience and what they learned at the Spring MEMCA Leadership Conference on April 14, 2023.

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