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Leadership Committee

Margaret Green

Executive Director, MEMCA

Dr. Stacey Stover

EMC Manager, Michigan Department of Education, Office of Career & Technical Education

Dr. Ellen Fischer

Principal, Early College Alliance @EMU

Aquan Grant

Director of School Quality, National Heritage Academy Schools

Larissa Hunt

College Partnerships & Middle College Coordinator, Van Buren ISD

Robert Krueger

Principal, Monroe County Middle College

Dr. Michael Masters

Dean, Occupational Programs West Shore Community College

Robert McAllister

Principal, Mott Middle College & Genesee Early College

Lisa Seigel

Director of Early College & Assistant Principal at Career Preparation Center, Eaton RESA

Robin Sterk

Director, High School Partnership, Grand Rapids Community College

Mark Suckley

Director, Oxford Schools Early Middle College

Jennifer Thomas

Assistant Principal, Mott Middle College & Genesee Early College

Leadership Council Emeritus Members:

Dr. Chery Wagonlander

Founder & Former Executive Director, MEMCA

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