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Technical Assistance, Professional Development, and Coaching


The Michigan Early Middle College Association (MEMCA), in collaboration with the Michigan Department of Education Office of Career and Technical Education (MDE-OCTE), provides technical assistance, professional development, and coaching to ensure high-quality development and operation of current and new Early Middle College (EMC) schools and programs across the state of Michigan through the following activities:


  1. Approve applications from schools and programs (or existing EMCs) to award the MEMCA Technical Certificate.

  2. Convene a MEMCA conference twice a year for EMCs and partnering districts and colleges, held at Mott Community College in Flint.

  3. Convene an annual Student Leadership Conference of EMC students at an EMC site or partnering college campus.

  4. Coordinate (Facilitate) Network Practitioner Groups – Teachers, Counselors, HELEN.

  5. Conduct site visits and meetings at individual EMC sites to provide support.

  6. Collect and share EMC data through the MEMCA Data Project.

  7. Coordinate regional meetings of EMCs and partnering districts and colleges. 

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The MEMCA Technical Certificate provides verification among MDE, the school district, and the higher education partner that the graduate has successfully completed each of the



  1. The State of Michigan high school graduation requirements.

  2. A member school’s MEMCA approved College Readiness Curriculum.

  3. A minimum of 15 transferable college credit hours (non-remedial courses).


AND one of the following options:

  • 100 hours of verified community service

  • A minimum of 40 hours of verified career exploration, internship, job shadowing, or clinical experience

  • A combination of the two that equals 70+ hours


The MEMCA’s Leadership Council approves Career and College Readiness curricula four times each year (April, May, October, and November). Typically, approvals are issued for Early Middle Colleges one year before the school’s first graduating class. The Early Middle College must be in their second year of operation and attend a

Cluster II workshop to learn about the requirements necessary for earning the rightto confer the MEMCA certificate.

The MEMCA Technical Certificate

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